About Us

Our Mission

Helping you find the best gift for the people you care about while promoting small local businesses! Gifts are a wonderful way of expressing our love. When you think of gifting your loved ones, no matter whatever is the occasion or wherever they are in the world, All Wonderfull Giftshop is there to take care of your gifting need as its own and makes sure that your beloved friends or family members receive the best to make their day memorable at both your ends. We care for your feelings!!

There are so many great, one-of-a-kind, unique gifts out there, sitting in a quaint shop on the main street just waiting to be discovered.
Or artisans making beautiful hand-crafted treasures out of their home that is available for purchase and would make a wonderful gift.
And what about the small local businesses carrying items that big box stores carry but without the means of advertising on a larger scale.

Online shopping is hurting the small local vendors, so our vision is to bring gift shoppers to the local merchants with our personal on-line gift search tool. We are not selling any of our own items like many gift sites out there but showcasing gifts from registered vendors. We are making it easy for shoppers to find meaningful gifts by bringing the small shops to your front door.

Ecological, Recyclable and sustainable products

We have a wide range of products, so it would be impossible to have only organic and recycled products, but we always give more value to these when it comes to introducing new products. We always seek, as a minimum, that raw materials are sustainable.

A note about the AW Freedom Foundation
The idea is to give a small portion of each item sold here, directly back to the workers who make that same product. For example 10p of the sale of a package of incense in the UK, can go directly to the packager of this incense in Bangalore (India). You can see how only 10p can do incredible things for  workers with such humble salaries, an authentic hope of freedom, that's why we call it freedom foundation.  AW- Freedom.com

Thank you for supporting this initiative by buying and selling products from the Freedom Foundation.

All Wonderfull Giftshop